Wednesday, December 11, 2013

that's it - i'm moving to california

well...not really. but after this past weekend i sort of wish i was. despite some plan changes along the way, i FINALLY made it out to CA to visit hayley. we've been trying to coordinate this trip for months and although the weather was trying it's best not to cooperate, i safely landed in oakland late friday night. it was a whirlwind weekend but it was the absolute best and i'm feeling incredibly lucky that it not only worked out but also that i got the chance to learn in person that this girl is the bomb. 

friday nights are always sort of difficult for me because i'm exhausted from the week. add in a two hour time difference and by the time we got to hayley's place it was midnight pacific time which meant it was 2 am texas time. since i knew i didn't want to have to fit in my long run over the weekend, i had gotten up at a scary hour friday morning to fit it in. that meant that i was completely exhausted and we crashed pretty son after i got there to make sure we were ready for our jam-packed saturday. all saturdays should kick off with a mug of coffee by a fireplace - seriously, i was super spoiled. and i forgot how much fun it is to eat breakfast WITH someone rather than solo. don't get me wrong, i love my morning alone time during the week, but there's nothing like eating bowls of cereal on the couch with a side of girl talk to start your day off right. 

once we'd had breakfast we headed over to the ugly sweater dash 5k. due to the fact that we chose to follow some 12 year olds who looked like they knew where they were going but actually had no clue, we probably ended up walking a 5k before the actual race just to get to the start line. good news is that made up for the fact that this race was in fact not quite a 5k, not that either of us cared since we were clearly in this for the chance to run in ugly sweaters. 

clearly it was a jam-packed race. also, it was untimed, which made it even easier to stop along the way for photo ops with the grinch. the only reason i'm bummed that it wasn't timed is because if it weren't for some girl with sparkly green leggings on who had the speed of usain bolt, i think hayley and i might have won this race. clearly the competition was stiff. 

after our strenuous morning workout, we went to get lunch at the best deli i have ever eaten at in my life: domenico's. if moving to california weren't already looking appealing, this sandwich was the final nail in that coffin. black pepper crusted turkey on french sourdough wich jalapeno havarti, chipotle mayo and lettuce and tomatoes. no worries, none of it went to waste. i'm super jealous that hayley gets to live in close proximity to this place because it was that good. 

after lunch we rolled ourselves out of there and stopped at hayley's house to meet her mom and her dogs before going to see delivery man. neither of us were expecting it to be that good but it was surprisingly heart warming and i'm glad we went. we also did a little shopping and i got a new winter coat which i've been needing for a while. 

the main event of our weekend was dinner at maria maria, a more upscale mexican restaurant. i had the most incredibly amazing carnitas stuffed chile relleno and hayley had mad food envy. she also had fajitas but the envy was more present. 

alongside our awesome meals we had some margaritas and then tequila shots for dessert. smartest decision ever. after dinner we took the best cab ride ever back to hayley's place where we crashed. in case you were curious, bunnies and rabbits are the same animal and no, our cabbie mike did not want a dog. he was just fine with his bunnies, hayley, so step off. 

we spent the first half of sunday eating breakfast, being generally lazy and then getting starbucks before i had to go to the airport for my flight. it was an incredibly short trip but it was perfect and filled with all of the things we wanted to do. can't wait til next time!



  1. This weekend was absolutely perfect. However I would go back and order what you did for dinner even though mine was good I think the gods made yours. The offer for you to move in and be my roommate still stands. <3

  2. This looks so fun! I have never been to CA and can safely assume if I visited, I wouldn't want to leave haha

  3. Sounds like you had such a fun weekend! I mean, if the race was untimed, you can definitely tell people you won even if you officially didn't...they'll never be able to verify your results online...haha.

  4. Ahh so jealous of this weekend! It sounds and looks like an absolute blast and I'm sure it went by way too fast for you both. Hopefully one day we can all hang out in person since I'm pretty sure I only got to see you for approximately 15 seconds last year! Too bad there's that annoying inconvenience called life and flights and time differences and money.

  5. Tequilla shots for dessert?? I like the way you think! ;)

  6. Now I need to get you two to Pittsburgh before the end of next year....

    I'm glad you guys had so much fun :) Looks like the perfect way to get rid of some holiday stress to me! And I second what Hannah said...tequilla shots for dessert is definitely the way to go :)

  7. I love carnitas and I love chile relleno so sign me upppp. I would love to spend more time in CA, as I've only been twice. I have a feeling I would do mighty well out there... Probably best I don't go, in that case. Where's your next trip to?