Thursday, December 12, 2013

a new man in my life

GUYS i cannot believe i didn't introduce you to harold. i am the worst. 

isn't he wonderful? i will be the first to admit that i absolutely have to have a live tree for christmas BUT i am seriously impatient when it comes to picking one out. when i used to go with my family we went to a tree farm (my parents still do) to pick them out and so you can see exactly what the tree will look like. i go to my neighborhood tree farm which is actually the parking lot of home depot and they are already all packaged up. you can untie them and look more closely, but for real, the tree will not fall into how it actually looks for several hours of being untied/multiple wrestling matches to try to get the lights on, so i see no point in spending a lot of time looking for one since it'll look different anyway when you get it home. i try to find one with good height and a nice trunk that's not too narrow. once those qualifiers are met, i get my tree and get out. sometimes that leads to wonky trees. this year though...that harold has such a nice shape. i love him to pieces and there's nothing that gets me into the spirit like getting a tree. 

besides harold, not a whole lot else has been going on in my life so let me introduce you to the small bits of newness that have been making appearances. mary's gone brand crackers, particularly the black pepper flavor. these are chock full of seeds and goodness and i've been loving them with sabra supremely spicy hummus (my FAVE flavor) for a snack. they're also gluten free if that's your style. 

PORK TENDERLOIN why have i not been making you once a week?! i love pork tenderloin so much and i forget how darn easy it is. this dinner went from fridge to dinner plate in 25 minutes, including preheating the oven. i made a quick dry rub out of chili powder, salt, pepper and garlic powder and baked the pork tenderloin in a 425 oven for 18  minutes. i was going to make a glaze for it using honey and soy and sriracha and sesame seeds but then i was lazy. next time!

popcorn everyday. seriously. once i realized that allison is just as much of a genius as i originally assumed and brown bag popcorn really is as easy as she told me, i've been having a bowl of it pretty much everyday. i'm starting to experiment with toppings. so far i've done salt. clearly my experimentation needs to get a little wilder. anyone have good ideas? i'm thinking cinnamon sugar will be my attempt tonight. 

i don't think i really need to explain this. these are so good. i had peanut butter dipped pretzels in dc once from wegman's and they changed my life. these are almost as good and it's really hard not to eat them all. mix them in with popcorn and LORD. 

and that's what's new in my hood. nothing too exciting. i leave one week from tomorrow for chicago and i cannot wait. two uninterrupted weeks of family time. much needed.



  1. I LOVE HAROLD!! Not normally a strictly white lights fan because I'm a child and demand all things in color (Joe's lucky the lights that blink in time to Christmas music were way out of budget or those would have been on the year :D ), but you made it look classy and full of character, so I like :) What is this brown bag popcorn method? I haven't heard of it and would love to try since I <3 popcorn but don't like all the crap that comes from the box these days. And we're having pork tenderloin for dinner, which has also become one of our favorites...can't wait for dinner now :D

  2. Harold is simply lovely. I wish I had a way of having a real tree in my apartment, but something tells me my fellow CTA users would not take too kindly to me hauling a real tree on the bus. Jerkfaces.

    "i'm starting to experiment with toppings. so far i've done salt." This made me giggle. You should try chili powder, maybe? You seem to be a big fan of all things spice, so maybe you'd like that?

  3. Nutritional yeast on popcorn is the BEST thing ever...oh and onion poweder! :)

  4. I love that you named your tree. I name just about everything, particularly the inanimate, so I very much approve. And, may I say, that he is QUITE the handsome young man? And I love love love pork tenderloin and popcorn. Even together. It is freezing up here in the Chicago-land, and we're expectin snow this weekend. Is it really weird being in a warm place while our normal environs are the opposite?

  5. lovely tree! I am addicted to Christmas trees.