Wednesday, November 13, 2013

wiaw: the "what does tex eat?"edition

when i first decided to move to houston i got lots of questions about my motivation and whether it was a good idea or not. since it wasn't an easy decision for me, i totally understood where people were coming from. but i also got asked a LOT "what's tex going to eat? no way he'll eat what you cook", which surprised me and kind of annoyed me. um, i don't eat weird shit, for the most part. for some reason i think people think that cooking healthy meals has to mean that they are also not delicious meals, or that they aren't suitable for a boy. to be honest, i eat much more balanced meals now than i did before because tex loves vegetables so much that i feel like i have to incorporate them into every meal whereas before i was content to skip the green stuff or eat egg scrambles for dinner for weeks at a time. 

there are definitely some things that i know won't go over well. i save my sweet potato/egg nights for when tex is coaching and i'll have my pancakes for dinner when he's in the mood to grab subway on the way home, but he's pretty much game to try anything once. i thought it'd be fun for this week's wiaw to take a look at the meals that i've learned are always a win in tex's book. i know i haven't done a standard what i ate wednesday post in a while but whatever, i do what i want, and i eat mostly the same ish so it's super boring. thanks to jenn for hosting another weekly round-up of eats!

tex loves a baked pasta form. baked ziti, lasagna, rigatoni name it, he'll eat it if it's some combination of pasta, cheese and tomatoes put into a 9x13 and baked. he also prefers his pasta sans meat (which i think is nuts) so most often, these are super basic. i loved the addition of frozen spinach in the skinnytaste baked ziti i made a few weeks ago and definitely will continue to make this recipe over and over again.

tex loves anything...that looks like it came from chipotle. this includes, but is not limited to, fajitas, burritos and  fajita bowls. extra points if it is covered in homemade black bean salsa, which is probably tex's favorite thing on earth that i make. 

tex loves anything...served with a side of rice. preferably white, but the brown variety will do. he's a huge fan of sauces and soy sauce is no exception. i worry for his sodium intake because legitimately it is not unusual to go through 1/4 of a bottle in one sitting when rice is on the table. actually, i don't really worry about it, he's a grown ass man, but it is an impressive thing to behold. 

tex loves anything...with a greek flair. and by greek flair i mean with tzatziki on it. i make a pretty mean tzatziki and that stuff is good on just about anything (especially yogurt marinated chicken). like i said, he loves him a sauce. 

tex loves anything...with shrimp involved. particularly if it's spicy and even more particularly if it can be covered in tabasco (but really, what can't be covered in tabasco?).

tex loves anything...with a side of wedges and anything buffalo style. potato wedges are consumed with great regularity around these parts as is anything with frank's on it. there's a reason that their slogan is we put that shit on everything...because we do. i could probably do an entire wiaw post on buffalo influenced things that we eat in my hood. actually, filing that idea away now.

tex loves anything...that i cook - or that's what he'll tell you if the training i've given him has stuck. in all seriousness though - cooking for two hasn't changed much about what i cook, but it has made me a lot more relaxed about eating, which is just great. thanks tex - for the compliments, the constant support and most of all for doing the dishes whenever i don't feel like it.

do you change the way you cook when you cook for other people?



  1. Tex and I would get along well on the baked pasta and potato wedges front. Two of my favorite things that my mom makes. I'm going to be the worst girlfriend/wife someday considering I don't cook. For some reason, I don't think guys would be super excited about eating a plain grilled chicken salad or frozen pizza or cheese tortellini every single night of the week... Oh well, whoever "he" is will just have to be the chef in my future house. I'll handle the ice cream.

  2. Love potato wedges, buffalo anything, and baked pasta. I think I'd fit in quite well down in Texas ;) No but seriously, Aaron loves veggies and I know I am eating more now than I was before I started cooking. He enjoys eating all that so I have made a conscious effort to incorporate them into every meal.

  3. I love anything in baked pasta form too, hah. And anything that vaguely looks like it came from Chipotle--I once created a rice, bean, spinach, corn bowl here and basically died (even though it wasn't THAT good...) because it was like a little slice of Chipotle in the dining hall. :)

  4. Mike makes what I eat.. 1. because it's awesome food and 2. because if he didn't, he'd be cooking for himself. We're alllll about the buffalo sauce too! Same with anything that's "Mexican" - we make a lot of other dishes taste more like Mexican food be adding salsa, Mexican cheese, and some hot peppers. Yum!

  5. You definitely can't go wrong with shrimp or chipotle.

  6. Baked pasta. All day, baby. Love that business. I only change the way I cook when cooking for others when allergies are involved. Or vegans. Otherwise, you will eat what I make you! Hahaha.

  7. ooooh I think Tex and I have very similar taste, which works perfectly since I think I'm just going to move in with you so I can eat all your yummy foods! (or you and Joel can trade off on cooking nights? yes? okay, good, I'm glad that's settled.)

  8. For sure. When Joe moved in, he really challenged me (in a good way) to eat real foods and try things I hadn't had in years. I really made an effort to stop using fake sugar and low fat stuff in baking and to stop questioning what he was doing when he made dinner. And Caitlin is much happier with life where food is concerned these days...go figure ;)

  9. I think that I could make Skinnytaste's recipes for the rest of my life and be very content - we haven't tried a bad one yet! Hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that...

  10. Tex and I have very similar taste :)

    I dont cook any differently for other people besides the fact that I try to make more "people-pleasing" type meals :). If it's just Chris and I, he is subject to whatever I feel like making - sometimes a win, sometimes not.