Tuesday, November 5, 2013

an ideal fall weekend

i had the best weekend, from start to finish. in fact, it was so good that i needed a day to recover from how great it was and couldn't get my act together to write a post about it until today. it was one of those perfect mix of fun stuff and relaxing stuff that makes you super angry that the work week is five days long and the weekend only two because REALLY wouldn't the world be a better place if it were flipped? i agree. 

friday night was really low key - i made dinner for tex and i, i failed at making rice AGAIN (brown rice and i are in an ongoing war. i TRY to be healthy and eat whole grains and blah blah blah but white rice never messes up and brown rice is tempermental and so white wins all the time in our house), and i went to bed early so i could be up early for my run. after debating for a minute if sitting on my couch in compression socks would be just as beneficial to my training as a 14 mile run, i decided it might not do the trick and headed out. my run was gorgeous - i found new areas of houston to run through, i listened to my book on tape, i kept my pace right where it needs to be and i can honestly say i enjoyed almost every minute of it. i'm feeling really great about my training right now. 

i was also incredibly thankful for my friday morning self for not wanting to eat the potatoes i'd roasted for breakfast. friday morning i ate oatmeal instead and that ended up being such a happy coincidence because the eggs over potatoes were exactly what i wanted to refuel after my run. all the fat, all the carbs. 

i ran a few errands in one of my favorite thumbhole shirts while waiting for doug to get home from his basketball practice. he stopped and picked me up and we went out for sandwiches for lunch and then came home to get ready to have a few people over to watch notre dame beat navy. 

one of our guests was this gorgeous beast and now i want a dog so much more than i already did...as if that were possible. 

after the game, i had a girls' night out with one of my coworkers. she found these at whole foods and we decided to see how they worked. obviously since we were taking the supplement we needed to accurately test it...

one of...a few...manhattans that were consumed in the name of science. i'm not sure if it was the pill or the fact that we're both teachers and so were still home and in bed before ten, but i woke up sunday feeling a-okay. tex and i spent the morning hanging out and grocery shopping and then i spent the afternoon at my school's open house for potential new freshman. 

the weekend ended like all weekend's should, with a home cooked meal and some football. i'm almost 100% sure that tex and i are working our way through about 5 lbs of yukon gold potatoes a week. it's definitely our favorite side dish lately (roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika) and it went great with the buffalo chicken stuffed bell peppers. 

hope you all had perfect weekends as well!



  1. Hahaha in the name of science. I love it. It does seem like the perfect balance of a weekend. As much as sitting on the couch in our socks is a great feeling, we both know that going out for that run is usually an even better feeling.

  2. I loveee roasted potatoes! My favorite are red potatoes, though. Sounds like an amazing weekend. I prefer to wear my compression socks after my run :) No idea why but they don't feel the best when I run.

  3. Puppy! I <3 dogs so much. The only thing keeping me from getting one is the fact that I'd get kicked out of my building if I did.

    Wow, up to 14 miles already?! It seems like you just started training! Nice work. I'm impressed!

    Also those stuffed pepper look amazing and I'm entering my time/teleportation machine right now so I can go back to Sunday and teleport myself to your place so you can feed me. Hope you bought an extra pepper.