Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a breakup and other loveliness

i feel like it's been a long ass minute since i've done any type of life updates post. outside of marathon training updates (woohoo running) and eating more food (which i want to write an update post on, just not quite yet because my thoughts aren't altogether on the topic), i have also been living my life which is lovely. nothing too exciting has been going on since tex and i declared november the month of no travel. obviously if you aren't flying somewhere five weekends in a row life seems a little less exciting. that's not to say there hasn't been some loveliness, and so i figured it's high time i let you all in on the lovely in my life lately. 

i broke up with quest bars. this has been a long time coming. i still adore the taste of them, but my stomach did not. i ignored it for a while but the more than noticeable stomach pains that i had every time i ate them became a bit more than i could handle and since they were killing my wallet anyway, i decided to nix them in favor of real food bars pre-workout. i've been sampling larabar flavors lately and have been loving those. enough quick burning energy to fuel my runs without feeling debilitated by sharp stomach pains? that's a win.

a triumphant return to baking! i discovered that tex loves peanut butter blossoms when i got a package from a friend containing hershey kisses. i said i was going to make cookies with them and tex was all, "omg i love those cookies" and i was all, "WHAT?! how did i not know this?" he's always saying he has no sweet tooth and i'm always trying to con him into eating baked goods he doesn't want and he's been holding out on me with this peanut butter blossom love all this time. i was very validated when he had...several...(number redacted to protect the innocent) the first night i made a batch. these will become a new baking staple.  

my homesickness is at an all time high right now. it snowed at my parents' house the other day and my mom sent me this picture. i cannot wait to be back there. one month from tomorrow i'll be heading back to the midwest for TWO WEEKS of uninterrupted fam time and i cannot wait. 

something that helped the homesickness was this random (but EXTREMELY appreciated) cheese board from my brother tim and his wife. it was technically a housewarming gift but way more a "saw this and thought of you" gift and it made my heart smile. pigs are the best. who's coming over for wine and cheese!?

also making me happy are the days where i am finishing up my run right around sunset. this picture doesn't really do it any justice but the pinks and purples always make me happy. 

i have a problem. her name is amazon prime. tex is in shock every time a box shows up at the random assortment of things i order. what can i say, i like buying in bulk and i love free shipping. i've been topping my oats in honey roasted peanuts everyday but i'm about to make an attempt at honey roasted peanut butter soon. watch out, things are getting exciting over here. 

i decided for my date night with my texan on saturday that i was going to pretend it was fall in houston. i dressed accordingly. 

as you can see from the state of my shirt after my run on sunday morning...it is not fall in houston. consider that a PSA for anyone trying to wear boots and tights out on a date in texas in november. 

another public service announcement: this is amazing. eat it. 

and i think that about sums up all the important life business going on for me. what's new with you? any seasonal products that you'll be sad to see go? 



  1. i completely agree - the pumpkin & spice siggi's flavor (along with every other flavor) is AMAZING. i just wish they weren't so darn expensive!

  2. I <3 life updates from the molly :) Let's see...I'll be sad to see all things pumpkin go, since I love pumpkin like almost every other blogger known to man. Joe claimed the EXACT SAME THING until I started using the kitchen aid his mom gave us to bake things, and now all of the sudden he eats more than I do AND he steals my chocolate from the freezer when he thinks I'm not looking. I ran out of chocolate midweek last week and had no idea why (and Thursday/Friday were horrific days because of the lack of chocolate in my life), and when we came home on Saturday from shopping and started putting things away, he found the stash I purchased and said, "Oh good, I missed these after I finished them last week." EXCUSE ME? So apparently, he's as much of a fiend as I am...he just pretended otherwise until a kitchen aid came into the picture.

  3. I read this in school, but comments were blocked and I've been dying to comment haha. First, I have the same issues with Quest bars. At first, I just kind of went with it and thought it was something else. Then, it became apparent every time I ate one, I got sick. So, you're not the only one. I wish I liked nuts, though, so I could enjoy lara bars. Gotta work on that. Aaron eats anything I make, but he definitely has favorites- like the pumpkin roll. Some treats he can just pass up, but not me. I eat it all! I wish it was really fall for you :( The cooler temps would definitely help that sweat drenched shirt, haha. Except, when I run outside in the cold, i definitely use more clothes and then need to do wash more. not so fun!

  4. Yayy for more updates! I have to say that after so many busy weekends, I'm ready for a low-key one like you. Doesn't look like that will be happening for awhile, but I'll have 6 weeks of that soon and then I'll be complaining to go on vacation. Also, SO SO SO jealous of the hot running weather! maybe not the 85 degree humidity, but some serious warmth. I was so close to skipping out on my run today because I didn't even want to walk outside. I miss getting my sweat on!

  5. OMG. Peanut butter blossoms are THE. BEST. I haven't had one in forever, but good heavens do I love those things. I suppose if Tex has to like one baked good, peanut butter blossoms are a good option (although I will never be able to understand how people can not have a sweet tooth...that doesn't sound like real life to me).

  6. ten days later and I'm just catching up with your most recent blog post- it's fine. 1) love the pig board, please take pics when you use it for the first time and make a pretty/delicious spread 2) amazon prime is the best/worst thing to have happened to my bank account 3) where the hell did you find that siggis flavor?! I work at friggen Whole Foods and we don't have it! GAH.